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The Monkey Island Foundation is located on a private island in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We adopt monkeys in need of a new home; whether they’re rescued from pet trade, abandoned, or their owners can no longer look after them.


Our mission is to provide a second chance for monkeys raised as pets at being wild, in a safe and socially stimulating space where they can interact with other monkeys and be part of a family.


We care after species native to the region and hope to one day play a role in the conservation of monkeys in Panama, so that future generations can meet monkeys (such as the Spider Monkey) face-to- face, instead of only reading about them in books.


We see education as a means for conservation; which is why we strive to educate the local community on the irreversible effects of removing monkeys from the wild –since once they are raised as pets it’s very difficult to reintroduce them back into nature.

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