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The best way to help us is by spreading awareness on the importance of conservation, and by never supporting wildlife trade. Monkeys are not meant to be raised as pet, and although they look very cute at a young age, they are social beings that belong in groups; they need to be part of a troop in order to excel at being monkeys

Any monetary donation will be greatly appreciated, and will be used 100% to cover the monkeys expenses. By their expenses we mean: food, vet check-ups, vaccines, transportation, and enclosure maintenance. Our expenses are considerably higher since we’re on an island and materials deteriorate much faster, and we’re located 35 mins. away by boat from the nearest town.

“Add to my cart” buttons are also a great way to donate in a way that’s meaningful to you -so stay tuned for some very cute monkey merch coming soon. If you’d like to donate to our foundation for a loved one’s birthday, or if you’d like to ask your friends to donate to our foundation on your birthday, let us know!

Donation to support the foundation
Donation to support the foundation
The money donated here will be used where it is the most needed at the time of the donation.


P1- Creating new enclosures to rescue/adopt more monkeys
P1- Creating new enclosures to rescue/adopt more monkeys
We are currently out of space to rescue or receive any more monkeys. With your help we will be able to build new enclosures and receive more monkeys who are living as pets, as many are in desperate need of a new home.
  • Goal: 30 000US$ % Achieved 1%

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