About me

7 years old

Birthday: June 3rd

I’m Juju, the newest member of the Capuchin’s troop. Before coming to this island, I grew up and lived my entire life locked on a cage by myself. I hadn’t seen other monkeys in so long that I practically forgot what it meant to be a monkey, and the isolation made me very anrgy all the time. When I arrived here all the monkeys received me into the family without thinking it twice, specially Poncho…he stood by my side since day one. It hasn’t been easy to adapt to all of the group dinamics and the hierarchy…don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned so much from all of them, but sometimes it’s hard for me to not be my own leader and to see Toutie being the queen of the spotlight, because I also love to receive lots of attention only for me. With the time that I’ve been here my character and mood have improved drastically, I’m less violent, and I can’t even begin to describe how much happier I am now, here…with my new monkey family. I do still suck my thumb whenever I’m anxious, but lately I find myself doing it more out of habit than anything else. Maybe one day Poncho and I will lead a troop of our own, he’s the smartest and sweetest monkey in the world!

My hobbies

I love getting people’s attention. Spending time with Poncho is my favorite, he’s so sweet and smart…I also like his friends, Bongo and Maki, we are like the 3 amigos, just 4 instead. 

My favorite foods

Bananas are my favorite fruit since I was little, but now I have a weakness for green apples and cane sugar sticks. I also love coconut meat and coconut water, I never got to have those where I grew up. 

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