Monkey Island Tours


Welcome to Monkey Island Tours at the Monkey Island Foundation!

During this educational wildlife tour you will get to interact with some of our resident monkeys and learn lots about each of the species we look after. All while you take in the beautiful scenery of a unique and remote mangrove island…a true monkey paradise!


Tour information

Entrance Fee

  • Adults: $20
  • Panamanians: $10
  • Children ages 12-17: $10
    *Not recommended for children under 11 years of age

All the money we collect from tour entrance fees goes 100% into covering the monkeys costs regarding food, enclosure maintenance, visits to the vet, and routine check-ups.

During your visit to the island you can enjoy other activities such as: snorkeling and swimming around the island, playing volleyball in the water, and relaxing in one of our many hammocks or lounging areas

To schedule a tour with us, please contact us via phone / WhatsApp : (+507) 6668 2027  or by e-mail: 


You can find more detailed information on our Monkey Island Tours’ website:

If you’d like to see our exact location on Google Maps just click here


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