Monkey Therapy is born out of our desire to contribute philanthropically as a foundation and to give back to society.

It is a fact that the monkeys under our care can’t be physically moved other places in order for them to meet children enduring difficult times face-to-face; however, it’s also a fact that we live in a digital age, where almost everything is done online. Considering all this, we came up with a unique and interactive therapy that allows us to reach out to children across borders, all from a remote island on the Caribbean.

  • Children receive a list with the names and photos of all our resident monkeys, from where they can choose one to adopt

  • We send each child a symbolic adoption certificate. The certificate contains the kid’s name and states that he or she has adopted the monkey

  • From their personal email addresses, each of the monkeys regularly sends photos and videos of themselves to their adoptive parents. 

We are aware that this kind of therapy hasn’t been proven, or even tried before, but our focus and main goal is to generate smiles in the life of children who need it most, through new and wild friendships.

Our intent is to partner with centers, hospitals, and organizations that look after children enduring difficult situations of all kinds. Hopefully the project will grow and with donations it will be able to expand further to help children all around the world.

The monkeys in our foundation are truly special…and since we have realized every little thing they do can put a smile on the face of whoever’s watching them be themselves, we are certain children will enjoy watching them as much as we do. We crave to create a space where we introduce the monkeys under our care to children who could use a little happiness, and a new friend in their life; all while the monkeys remain peacefully in the foundation and their lives are not upset by any changes.


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