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Monkeys need lots of support and engagement from their community members in order to thrive, and sponsoring a monkey is a wonderful opportunity for you to join the monkey group in a meaningful way! If you have always wanted to get to personally get know a monkey and foster a connection with these delightful animals, now is your chance.


By sponsoring a monkey you will help cover daily costs of care for that individual, and in return you will receive special updates, photos, and videos of your monkey friend. You will also be listed as their friend on our website.


Learn about each individual under Meet the Monkeys, and become a sponsor today! Sponsor an individual of one of our three monkey species, or our resident kinkajou.


Sponsor a Monkey Island residentsRenew your Sponsoring

Become a sponsor- Version 2

If you checked out our beautiful monkey residents and have fallen for one of them in particular, you can support us by becoming a sponsor for that monkey. We offer different types of sponsorship, so you can select the specific way in which you would like to help them.

If you become a permanent sponsor, you will receive

A certificate of Sponsorship from us

A thank you note from the monkeys

A free visit to the Monkey Island Foundation.


Covers the cost of fruits and vegetables for your monkey friend


Covers the cost of seeds, nuts, monkey biscuits, cereals, and grains for your monkey sibling


Covers the cost of proteins, vitamins, and nutritional supplements for your monkey.


Helps cover the cost of veterinary needs and equipment, cleaning supplies and tools, and physically and mentally stimulating enrichment including both items and activities


Helps cover the cost of facilities maintenance, repair, and improvement of structures and facilities






per year.

per year.

per year.

per year.

per year.

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