About me

4 months old

Birthday: December 1st

I’m Uli, the newest member of the family. I’m a very curious Howler monkey, and having left the jungle so little ago, I’m discovering a whole new world here. That’s why I really enjoy looking at everything around me, but I like to do it even more if someone is carrying me across the island, that way I get to relax and enjoy the walk while looking around. So far I like humans a lot…they’ve given me lots of love, besides, I get to use them as my personal drivers around the island, so that perfectly works for me. I recently enrolled in a howling class here at the foundation and I’ve gotten much better at it. I’m still a baby so my howls are not so loud yet, but in a few months I’ll be heard from miles away!

My hobbies

My #1 favorite thing in the world is to be walked around. I also love relaxing with my caretakes, and playing with Jojo. Jojo doesn’t really like to spend time with any of the other monkeys, but she really enjoys my company…maybe in the future we’ll become best friends

My favorite foods

Bananas are my to-go snack throughout the day. I love green apples, and I recently discovered a fruit called Guaba (ice-cream bean) that totally rocked my world

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