About me

2 years old

Birthday: July 11

I’m Wiki! The youngest female of the Capuchin’s troop. I’m a fast learner, and always copy what Toutie does…I think she’s such a good leader (#girlpower), and I hope to be like her one day. I love being around Toutie because she shares her food with me…even when she doesn’t really want to “share” it with me, I take it from her, and she doesn’t mind. Toutie also taught me all her best grooming techniques and secrets (which goes a long way in our troop!). Rabi is my best friend when it comes to playing and being silly together, we’re still very young and have more energy to release than Toutie and Poncho do. I play with Rabi pretty much all day, sometimes we like to play with toys, but most times we prefer to chase each other at the speed of light (seriously, we’re fast & nothing can stop us). 

My hobbies

I would say I spend 30% of my time shadowing Toutie, 5% stealing food from her, 5% grooming her, and 60% playing with Rabi.

My favorite foods

I have a weakness for citrus flavors, but in general, what I like to eat most is whatever food Toutie happens to be holding in her hand at any time…I’m so lucky to have her as a friend!

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