About me

3 years old

Birthday: September 30

Hello there! I’m Bongo, one of the two male Squirrel monkeys at the island. I was raised by Toutie and Poncho (both Capuchin monkeys) so on the inside I’m a little bit of a Capuchin too. Toutie adopted Poncho and I as her sons, and used to carry me in her back all the time when I was little…I still love to play with the Capuchins, which is why the humans created a little passage for me to sneak into their enclosure…sometimes I visit them only to steal some of their food, but they don’t mind; I also like sleeping with them (specially with Poncho). Maki and Raoul are my best friends, we’re always running around the mangrove trees, and swinging in the branches. I like people but I don’t like being touched by anyone, so whenever someone offers me food I usually grab it super quickly, and go back to hanging with by besties ASAP. Whenever Maki or Jojo get upset or scared, they make a special sound, and Raoul & I show up faster than Batman & Robin to protect them, and save the day like we always do. 

My hobbies

I love chasing Maki and Raoul…but what I like most is hanging with my good friend Poncho, you know, since we’re both Capuchins 😉

My favorite foods

Boiled eggs are my absoulte favorite. Breakfast in general is my favorite meal of the day. I also like eating boiled vegetables for lunch…chayote in particular

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