About me

4 years old

Birthday: April 7

I’m Jojo, but you can call me Mademoiselle Jojo. I’m the smallest of the Squirrel monkeys but I have the biggest personality of them all…if you don’t believe me ask those who know me and they’ll tell you lots about me. I was probably a human in my previous life, because I enjoy being around people even more than playing with the other Squirrel monkeys. My best friend is Francine, I’m 100% sure she’s my biological mother (which makes me a little girl) so I don’t like to share her with anyone else. Maki is my favorite monkey, she always wants to play with me, and has protected me ever since I was a baby. I’m a spoiled princess, so if you want to get along with me just remember never to say “no” to me, because I will throw a tantrum! That’s how spoiled I really am.   


My hobbies

I suck my thumb pretty much all day, so my hobby is to look like the cutest monkey ever while I hunt for insects on the mangrove trees. Spending time with Francine is my favorite, and also with Maki.

My favorite foods

My favorite snack is peanut butter & sunflower seeds rolls. I love cashews, guaba, corn, and the insects I’m able to succesfully catch. I also have a taste for seafood (sea snails, crabs, and lobsters).

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