About me

4 years old

Birthday: July 25

I’m Maki, the girl boss of the Squirrel monkey troop. I’m very protective of my family, specially Jojo ever since she was a baby…even though she only has eyes for Francine and the other humans now. I’m always the first one to show up when it’s time to eat because food is my one true love. I’m always running and jumping around with Bongo and Raoul like crazy…but I usually get tired of playing before the guys do, so I climb high above in the mangroves to relax and enjoy some alone time. If I had to describe myself in 3 words, I would say I’m energetic, loving, and playful. I’m still single, but I will probably start dating Raoul or Bongo sometime in the near future.


My hobbies

Hanging out with Raoul and Bongo is my favorite. I love to spot animals in the ocean, and whenever I see a stingray I make a special sound to call my friends so that they come and check it out!

My favorite foods

I’m not a picky eater, not even a little bit, so I basically love everything that’s food as long as it’s yummy

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