Program Description

What you will do 

Volunteering tasks include animal husbandry, food preparation, grounds & enclosure maintenance, and cleaning. Other duties include guiding educational tours around the island, and assisting  with any other jobs that might be needed. Note that although spending time with the monkeys is part of the daily tasks, it’s not the only one; a good portion of the day should be spend working on other duties as well.

What you can expect

  • To meet our monkeys and work with our team
  • To work on an island in a unique habitat
  • To learn more about monkeys, their needs, their behaviours, and what you can do to prevent that other monkeys end up being removed from their natural habitats in the future. If you aren’t already, you will become an advocate for monkeys by the time you leave. 
  • Free shared accomodation in beautiful little over-the-water bungalows. Shared bathroom facilities
  • 3 daily meals and shared cooking facilities
  • We can arrange boat rides for you to go to Bocas del Toro, but the cost of transportation is not included, so you need to factor that into your budget
  • Free use of cayucos (little wooden boats) and snorkelling gear
  • We can arrange trips to other islands on your days off, but again, you will need to cover the cost of transportation

What we expect from you

  • 25 to 30 hours of volunteering work per week – this may vary depending on the work which needs to be done
  • A minimum stay of 3 weeks after completing your first week of trial
  • To be respectful of others, the animals, and the environment
  • No use of any illicit drugs will be tolerated on the island (we are very strict about this policy)
  • Drunken behavior is not permited on the island, it’s only acceptable to drink alcohol in moderation
  • You need to have your own medical/health, and travel insurance

Activities in Bocas Del Toro

Bocas del Toro offers plenty of entertainment options, from restaurants and shops to various water sports & activities like scuba diving, deep boarding, surfing, sailing, whale and dolphin watching (check out further details on activities and tours on TripAdvisor). There are hidden gems to discover in the National Marine Park of Isla Bastimentos like Zapatillas, and the bat caves. You can enjoy so many other activities, like swimming in beautiful beaches, hiking in jungle trails, and watching sloths in their natural habitat. Swipe for more pictures!

Activities in the foundation

Volunteering requires you to stay on our island, and although it isn’t huge, it sure does have plenty of activities to offer! You can swim and snorkel around the island to spot beautiful marine life and starfish. You can use the cayucos to add a little workout to your daily routine by paddling around the island (sometimes dolphins swim right by our island, so luckily you might get to spot them from the cayuco). You will get to interact and work alongside native Panamanian Ngäbe-Buglé men and women, visit their community, learn from their culture, customs, and dialect. We have a “natural pool” in the middle of the mangroves, which is just the ocean. There’s also beautiful bioluminescent water at night, and it’s the perfect place for stargazing. If you like to party this is not the place for you, but if you love nature, and monkeys, you will get the most out of this unique volunteering opportunity. Swipe for more pictures!