Learn about our past, present, and future projects

Past: Construction of a new enclosure for the Capuchin monkeys

Our beloved Capuchin monkeys needed a bigger space to express and enjoy themselves, so we delivered. Their new enclosure is connected to their old one, giving them access to 2 different spaces to choose from (one indoors and another outdoors). Their new enclosure was built respecting the environment and the mangrove trees on the island…so instead of cutting any branches or tree trunks, we integrated them with the enclosure. We worked hard to find the right materials to built enrichment devices inside of the new enclosure, so that it not only provides the monkeys with a great view and plenty of space, but also objects to interact and play with to keep them active and entertained.

Check out how the new enclosure looks like by clicking here

Present: Habilitating our neighbouring island for the monkeys

Right next to the island we currently live in, there’s another mangrove island. We are working on cleaning the island, and starting to figure out how to build a system of bridges that allows the monkeys to cross from the current island to the new one. They will have the other island all for themselves to enjoy and roam freely, so we’re pretty sure they will like that.

Check out the sketches we have for the construction of the bridge by clicking here

Future: Monkey Therapy program

Monkey Therapy is a program we have been crafting for a while, however we had to prioritise and focus on other projects before working on this one, as we want to be able to dedicate 100% of our time for projects to this alone. Monkey Therapy will aim at creating cyber friendships between our resident monkeys and children in need around the world, to bring a smile to the face of those who need it most. For this we will need other people’s help, so if you’re interested in helping or learning more about this project please get in touch with us.