About me

10 years old

Birthday: September 30

I’m Quiso! The only non-primate resident at the island. I was the second one to ever arrive, right after Toutie…she and I grew up together, we used to sleep together all the time when we were little. I sleep during the entire day and come out right after dusk. The first thing I do after waking up is eat breakfast, and drink honey-scented water. I love sweet things more than anything…they don’t call us kinkajous “honey bears” for no reason…I have an amazing sense of smell to detect anything sweet, and I can see perfectly at night thanks to my 10/10 night vision. I’m the guardian of the island during the night, and don’t be fooled…although you might see me walking very slowly around the island and the mangrove trees, I’m actually extremely fast whenever I want to be…you would be surprised! I love belly rubs more than anything in the world, and I get plenty of them from the humans. I can move my ears in different directions at the same time, which is just one of the reasons why I think they find me adorable.

My hobbies

It’s not much of a hobby as much as it is my job, but what I always do is guard and protect the island at night. I’m used to wandering the island alone. Right after waking up I always stop by where the humans are at and say hi, and I sometimes take short naps throughout my work hours (being a night guardian can be exhausting sometimes!)

My favorite foods

Count me in for anything that’s sweet! Ripe fruits are my favorite! Specially ripe papaya, bananas, and plantains. I love raw eggs, and lobsters’ heads too! If I had to eat something for the rest of my life I would choose honey! I get to eat it most of the time but always in moderation (boring!!!)

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