About me

8 years old

Birthday: May 22nd

I’m Toutie, the first monkey that was ever rescued by the foundation…basically, I’m the reason why all of this began in the first place. Today I’m not only the matriarch of the Capuchin monkeys’ troop, but also, I’ve taken on the role of “adoptive mother” for most of the other monkeys that have arrived to the island after me. I have an enormous heart, and I’m known for having very expressive eyes…I make a lot of different faces, and love to engage in hour-long conversations (including more sounds and gestures than you can imagine). I can proudly admit that I love being the center of attention, and I love getting plenty of it…whenever my caretakers sing my name and clap, I get really excited and dance in circles all over the place (I’m glad they do it often!). When it comes to humans, I prefer men over women, and each time I see a man that’s my type, I start jumping and dancing in circles just to get his attention…100% of the time my crushes like me back, so I get to hug them and it makes me oh-so-happy! All the other monkeys respect me and follow my lead. I’m a very affectionate leader…I love grooming all the other monkeys, I spend many hours doing it each day (I find it really therapeutical). I’ve taught my grooming techniques to Wiki, so that she can groom me just they way I like it. 


My hobbies

You will always find me either grooming another monkey, being groomed by Wiki, or being groomed by myself. If I’m not doing any of the previous activities, I’m probably trying to get someone’s atention to talk and dance together. No matter what I might be doing, I’m always watching and looking after my troop.

My favorite foods

My favorite foods are lobsters’ legs & tails…I love chewing on them because of how tasty they are. Spiders are crunchy and yummy too! I love all kinds of nuts, and citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon, and oranges. My favorite breakfast combiation is: raw eggs, kale, and passionfruit.

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Sibling: $200

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Uncle: $300

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Parent: $400

Helps cover the cost of veterinary visits, vaccinations, and cleaning supplies

Hero: $500

Helps cover the cost of facilities mantenance, repair, and improvements to the enclosure

Superhero: $600

Helps cover the cost of enrichment (covers enclosure, dietary, and social enrichment)

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